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White Wolf's trading post

I have some fun t-shirts and other stuff out there on the web! Check 'em out!

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poisonous plants tee

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get in, loser

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om namah whatever

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y'all need Krishna

Journals and books


My little book of profane affirmations

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poisonous plants

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My novel


Admittedly, I do have an alter ego. Her name is Madame Datura, a 19th century widow with three late husbands. They were all abusive, but not to worry. They won't be bothering anyone else ever again.

Madame Datura is a steampunk botanist, and expert in poisonous plants. She runs an apothecary, and is loosely based off of Giulia Tofna, a famous Italian professional poisoner. She, too provided solutions to women in dire, abusive situations.


My hobby is cosplay, and Madame Datura is the character I use when I present on poisonous plants. I've brought her to life and recreated her apothecary for the modern age: Etsy. There you'll find my perfume oil blends, seeds, plant cuttings, and sometimes other witchy things. Most things are non-toxic (exceptions being the plants and topical healing salves derived from the plants), and created with positive intentions and love. Enter if you dare....

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