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K. White Wolf, druid

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    Renee Fleury (K. White Wolf) walks the wooded path. Hers is an ancient form of shamanism known as Druidry. This means she is a steward of Mother Earth, tending to its innumerable residents with an open heart, compassion, and devotion. In her professional life Renee is a sound healer, horticulturist, and published author. She specializes in sound bowl healing and nature-based therapy.

    Historically, the druids were the shaman of the ancient Celtic isles, serving their people and land as priests, healers, and philanthropists. Their job was to bridge the gap between the spirit world and our own by way of communicating with the ancestors, tending to the Earth, and reconnecting other people with themselves through meditation and introspection. That has not changed, and is in fact what modern druids do today.

    While Druidry is a recognized religion, it was historically more like a way of life. Renee has always walked this path with respect, reverence, and compassion, and has dedicated herself to healing other people and our beautiful planet. On the subject of religion, she is a devoted Hindu (more specifically Shaivism), with roots and practices in her Algonquin and Cherokee heritage. She has studied many different faiths and continues to do so, in an attempt to better understand others via their cultural practices and beliefs. It may come as no surprise that Renee studied cultural anthropology and linguistics in college! Her cultural and religious studies have deepened her love and compassion for humanity. She is open to working with people of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds!

    Renee lives in Danbury, CT with her son, Dante and their animal companions Nyx (a Polish hen) and Reina (a ball python). She has a beautiful collection of houseplants and a thriving garden full of medicinal (and poisonous!) plants.

    Her services include landscaping, gardening, sound healing, plant medicine, spiritual counseling, and educational talks on horticulture. Don't be a stranger, and please feel free to contact her with your questions or inquiries. Be well!

*Renee Fleury is not a doctor. She cannot diagnose or treat medical problems. Her healing modalities, while holistic, are meant to supplement medical treatment, not substitute for it. Please consult your doctor or mental health professional with any serious concerns you may have.


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