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The Druid's Deadly Darlings

a series on poisonous plants

presented by Madame Datura

The world of poisonous plants is fascinating, and they have a long standing relationship with human history. But which ones are they? What makes them so poisonous? And how have they been used to heal, rather than harm?

This is a series of panels, talks, classes, and lectures that takes a deep dive into the world of horticulture and shines some light on its darker side. Presented in-character by 19th century horticulturist, Madame Datura, together we will explore the folklore behind some of the world's most poisonous plants. From ancient indigenous legends to famous femme fatales, The Druid's Deadly Darlings brings old world storytelling to the dark garden and doesn't disappoint!

Upcoming events:

Coming soon:

The Druid's Deadly Darlings podcast

Classes offered:

*the poisonous plants class is called "The Dark Garden"

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Madame Datura - photo by Alan Kendzior

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