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Sound Healing & Reiki Services

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    Hi there! I'm Renee, but you can call me White Wolf. I am a meditation teacher and shamanic practitioner who believes in the profound power of music. Sound healing is a beautiful, safe, and effective way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and promote healing on emotional, physiological, and spiritual levels. I use my reiki-infused crystal singing bowls, mantras, and drumming to help facilitate rest and relaxation, from where the deepest healing is experienced.


    During my sessions, I use my mediumship gifts to call in ancestors and spirit guides to help direct the flow of energy and relay subtle messages. Through the sacred journey of sound meditation, it is my hope that my music will help restore balance and harmony within. Indeed, I have brought peace and wellbeing to many. I hope to see you soon!

    ***If you have a pacemaker or heart condition, please do not receive sound healing or reiki. It works through frequency and resonance, and is incredibly effective. Sound healing and reiki can interfere with the frequencies emitted by devices like a pacemaker. It is my aim to heal, not harm!

Sound healing menu:

Chakra-based sound healings:

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